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Comprehensive Protection

From Seismic/Vibration Impacts

Interstory Isolator

Inter-story Isolator

Current structural engineering practice mobilizes the ductility within a structure to withstand severe earthquake or wind loading.  By design, when subject to a strong seismic or wind event, the structure will not collapse but may sustain permanent, serious damage.  This damage may be so severe that the structure is no longer safe and is condemned.


LGI offers its technology to mitigate this risk and provide superior performance with routine structural loading.  Its patented devices utilize interlocking, steel/confined elastomers in an economical and durable configuration that produces predictable structural behavior while minimizing damaging effects caused by earthquake or wind.  After the most severe earthquake or wind event, these devices can be replaced, restoring the original strength and integrity of the structure.


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Multi-story Support

Patented & Patents Pending

Inter-story Isolator Brochure

Just as nature uses cartilage (a natural, living elastomer) between bones to reduce forces and attenuate motion, LGI’s patented devices provide connections within a structure that reduce dynamic force transmission while eliminating unfavorable stress concentrations in structural connections. 


LGI’s Earthquake Defense provide superior damping and isolation.  They can be economically installed in both new and existing structures.  Their relatively “soft” elastomer naturally attracts and dissipates dynamic loads from routine wind gusts, traffic (people and vehicles), thermal movement and even minor earthquakes. 


As loads increase, the elastic strength of the interlocking steel components is engaged.  In a severe earthquake or wind event the ductility of the steel is mobilized in a predictable and effective manor, protecting the structure and the contents of the facility. The redundancy of the components within the LGI Isolators ensures that the devices do not fail. Like a fuse in an electrical system, they protect the structure and localize the damage in a replaceable device. 

Data Center Seismic Mount

Data Center Seismic Mount

With a capacity to withstand 2g of force, or an earthquake of approximately 8.3 Richter-Scale magnitude, the LGI Seismic Isolator is the best seismic protection available for Data Centers.  Utilizing a fully isolated, raised floor, and accommodating +/- 6” of horizontal movement, the LGI Isolator system allows your Data Center to literally float above the shaking earth in a seismic event.


LGI’s original technology received the Best Product Award at the 2004 National Earthquake Conference, with its 1g isolation.  Accelerations of as little as 0.5g can destroy hard drives stored in the typical file server rack.  Our improved, patented technology raises this bar two-fold with reliable, proven devices that protect critical data, software and hardware during serious seismic activity.

Patented & Patents Pending

Seismic Mount Brochure

With a vertical load capacity of 20,000 pounds each, a quartet of LGI Seismic Isolators can be installed in new and existing Data Centers to handle 80,000 pounds of racks, servers and related infrastructure.  Contact LGI for standard and custom applications.  Related LGI products provide seismic protection for the building structure and critical machines (i.e. CRAC Units, emergency generators, switch gear).  LGI offers comprehensive solutions for the protection of your Data Center and its support components.

Machine Mount

Machine Mount

Patented & Patents Pending

LGI's Machine Mount is an economical device that provides unrivaled protection against earthquake risks, while minimizing the transmission of vibration from machinery to the surrounding structure (and vice-versa). 


Conventional machine mounts utilize snubbers to limit machine movement induced by earthquakes.  In a seismic event, this can result in a serious impact load to the machine and the structure, seriously damaging the machine.  LGI’s Machine Mounts eliminate this risk.


Our Mounts uniquely configure steel and confined rubber to provide superior anchorage, vibration attenuation and isolation. There are no two steel components touching one-another within our Mount, minimizing the transfer of vibration through the device. Anchorage can be provided to withstand in excess of a 2g force, a very severe earthquake.

Machine Mount

Brochure & Data Table

The upper rubber and steel components act like a spring with one notable exception—they have non-linear (as opposed to linear) restoring characteristics.  This is especially useful in attenuating wide, transitive motions which typically occur during machine start-up.  The LGI Machine Mount effectively negates problems with machine resonance. 


The natural frequency of the Mount is constant and independent of the Mount’s static deflections under the machine’s weight.  This simplifies isolator distribution, and allows the Mounts to be independent of the relative locality of the machine’s center of gravity.  Another benefit is that machine vibration is attenuated in the Mount’s components, significantly mitigating wear and stress on machine parts.


LGI’s Machine Mounts can be used for everything from small air conditioning compressors to large pumps to emergency generators and large-scale electrical equipment.

Machine Mounts

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